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In your demo I’ve checked - you are connecting to a mongo DB - you are aggregating

docker run -it --network comet_demo_fiware_network --entrypoint /bin/bash mongo

mongo --host mongo_sth --port 27018

show dbs

admin 0.000GB config 0.000GB local 0.000GB sth_sensei_service 0.000GB

use sth_sensei_service

It looks the that your subscription is incorrect: { "entities": [ { "type": "PersonDetection", "isPattern": "false", "id": "PersonDetection" } ], "attributes": [ "ts" ], "reference": "http://sth:8666/notify" }

This means you are storing the ts attribute only.

Your request to comet is reading positionX and which has not been aggregated.


I hope this helps - you will need to alter your subscription - the attributes should be:

"attributes": [ “ts”, “posistionX” “positionY" ]