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Is a data model required for trading carbon credits using a DeFi/Blockchain? if so, what form should it take? Why is it necessary and how might one be developed and used?

asked 2022-05-04 00:08:35 +0200

Geo-oxon gravatar image

I am curious about how carbon credits will be traded on blockchain exchanges and automated certification systems. The promise that Decentralized Financial systems provide useful, semi-automated services to help account for a provide a market mechanism to reduce carbon emissions is very interesting. I have a feeling that data models will be required so that users can enter their data about their own emission and that this data can later be used to qualify them for carbon trading.

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answered 2022-05-30 09:46:32 +0200

aabella gravatar image

updated 2022-05-30 09:47:17 +0200

I fully agree that a data model will be required if we are to make this actually happen. But today we have not got in contact with anybody doing actually so we could mimic to create an actual open-licensed data model. we would be glad to browse any example. Anyhow visit https://smartdatamodels.org because in case it is identified we will publish a post about it.

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