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2015-12-24 03:01:32 +0200 asked a question FIWARE CEP (Proton) REST ouput authentication error

Hi, I'm training to send an output event from FIWARE CEP (Proton), using the REST consumer, to an ActiveMQ queue. The credential for access the ActiveMQ queue are included in the URL, as http://user:passwrd@X.X.X.X:xxxx/api/..., but I have the following error:

com.ibm.hrl.proton.webapp.resources.EventResource submitNewEvent
INFO: events sent to proton runtime...
org.apache.commons.httpclient.auth.AuthChallengeProcessor selectAuthScheme
INFO: basic authentication scheme selected
org.apache.commons.httpclient.HttpMethodDirector processWWWAuthChallenge
INFO: No credentials available for BASIC 'ActiveMQRealm'@X.X.X.X
com.ibm.hrl.proton.server.executorServices.SimpleThreadFactory$ProtonExceptionHandler uncaughtException
SEVERE: Uncaught exception in thread: Thread[4,5,main],exception: com.ibm.hrl.proton.adapters.rest.client.RESTException: com.ibm.hrl.proton.adapters.rest.client.RESTException: Could not perform POST of event instance: ...
with request headers:
Content-Type: text/plain
User-Agent: Jakarta Commons-HttpClient/3.0
Host: X.X.X.X:xxxx
Content-Length: 389
to consumer http://user:passwrd@X.X.X.X:xxx/api/m..., responce result: 401

Seems like that Proton doesn't extract the credential from the URL.
Anyone else had the same problem?