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2016-08-26 15:15:25 +0200 commented answer Enabling Communication between IdM and AuthZforce?

Although its still not working, since there's plenty of interaction problem between the components. Not sure whether this is a configuration issue. More likely the current versions of the different components (I prefer Docker images) does not play together at the moment.

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2016-08-10 14:13:52 +0200 asked a question Enabling Communication between IdM and AuthZforce?

All I have found about configuring the security infrastructure in order to enable authorization was this short paragraph: http://authzforce-ce-fiware.readthedo...

On the other hand, I came across some issues on github and I've already filed an issue on that (https://github.com/ging/fiware-idm/is...), however, with no response so far.

Since - at least to me - authorization is a key feature of the entire FIWARE platform and we are currently about to decide whether to use it in our future projects, I'd highly appreciate some support on this one.

So what are the necessary steps in order to get this working?