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The way I tryed to reproduce the problem was creating in Openshift a MongoDB and Orion Service:

oc new-app mongo:3.2 --name mongo1085

And In order to create the Orion, I created the Yaml file before modifiying it:

oc new-app fiware/orion:2.2.0 --name orion1085 -o yaml > orion1085.yaml

So, once I had orion1085.yaml file, I modified it this way:

    - image: fiware/orion:2.2.0
      name: orion1085
        - -dbhost
        - mongo1085
        - -ipv4
        - -reqPoolSize
        - "100"
        - -notificationMode
        - threadpool:10000:50
        - -statNotifQueue
        - -statCounters
        - -statSemWait
        - -statTiming
        - -relogAlarms
        - -httpTimeout
        - "100000"
      - containerPort: 1026
        protocol: TCP
      resources: {}

The service started without problems. Once the service was up, I tested its IP:

$ oc get service orion1085
orion1085   <none>        1026/TCP   12m

And I queried the version:

$ curl
"orion" : {
  "version" : "2.2.0",
  "uptime" : "0 d, 0 h, 14 m, 2 s",
  "git_hash" : "5a46a70de9e0b809cce1a1b7295027eea0aa757f",
  "compile_time" : "Mon Feb 25 15:15:27 UTC 2019",
  "compiled_by" : "root",
  "compiled_in" : "37fdc92c3e97",
  "release_date" : "Mon Feb 25 15:15:27 UTC 2019",
  "doc" : "https://fiware-orion.rtfd.io/en/2.2.0/"

For sure It would be useful to know the way you deploy it.