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It is difficult to decide what is a "best" approach as it will depend on your use case. Several options present themselves:

  • Read NGSI entities direct from Orion and create your own code to display locations on the map - this is the bespoke approach used in the Step-by-step tutorials - https://github.com/FIWARE/tutorials.Step-by-Step

  • Abstract the reading of context data into a widget of some sort - such as described by jmcantera: https://github.com/jmcanterafonseca/leaflet-context-information

  • Use a pre-existing Wirecloud widget which collates NGSI data via an NGSI proxy - see: https://github.com/FIWARE/tutorials.Application-Mashup

  • Display a fully interactive analytical business intellegence layer via Knowage https://knowage-suite.readthedocs.io/en/master/functionalities-guide/location-intelligence/index.html

These run from the simple to the complex and are increasingly flexible as you go down the list.