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A GE (whics stands for "Generic Enabler") is a sofware component definition based on an open specification. For example, the Publish/Subscribe Context Broker (sometimes referred as Context Broker for short) is one of the FIWARE GEs.

A GEi (which stands for "GE implementation) is a a particular implementation of a given GE. For example, Orion Context Broker is a GEi of the Publish/Subscribe Context Broker GE. A given GE may have several GEi (some of them even developed by third-parties outside FIWARE, given that the specifications in which a GE is based are open).

There is a third key term: GEri (which stands for "GE reference implementation"). A GEri is a particular GEi of a given GE which is provided by FIWARE as a reference implementation of that GE. For example, it happens to be that Orion Context Broker is not only a GEi for Publish/Subscribe Context Broker GE, but also a GEri for that GE.