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It depends on the question.

If the question is specific on a GEi (such as Wirecloud, Orion, etc.) and is about programming, API usage, how to run the GEri, etc. the right place is Stackoverflow. You can have a look to existing question in Stackoverflow to get an idea of the kind of questions that should be asked there: Wirecloud or Orion.

If you use StackOverflow don't forget to add the label corresponding to the GEi, e.g: "fiware-wirecloud" or "fiware-orion". If there is no label for the GEi, then use the generic "fiware" label. This is importante: using these labels is the only way our support staff realizes a new question has been posted in StackOverflow.

For any other question about FIWARE, please use ask.fiware.org.

However, don't worry too much :) In the case you use ask.fiware.org for a question that should be in Stackoverflow you will be redirected to the other place or vicecversa.