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Hi, I (we) figured out how to successfully use docker-macine with the Cloud Lab.

export OS_REGION_NAME='Spain2'
export OS_TENANT_NAME='your tenant name (see Project Info popup in Cloud dashboard)'
export OS_TENANT_ID='your tenant ID (see Project Info popup in Cloud dashboard)' 
export OS_USERNAME='your openstack username'
export OS_PASSWORD='your openstack password'
export OS_DOMAIN_NAME='default'
export OS_AUTH_URL='http://cloud.lab.fiware.org:4730/v2.0/'
export OS_AUTH_STRATEGY='keystone'

with the following command-line:

$ docker-machine create -d openstack --openstack-flavor-id="2" \
--openstack-image-name="base_ubuntu_14.04" \
--openstack-net-name="node-int-net-01" \
--openstack-floatingip-pool="public-ext-net-01" \
--openstack-sec-groups="docker-sg" \
--openstack-ssh-user="ubuntu" \

Don't forget to configure the security group with all necessary ports.