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An ESB is used for integration of services in an Enterprise infrastructure, and usually these services are web services, and the data format is XML.

As its name indicates is focused on enterprise applications and business processes: Accounting, logistics, rrhh, etc. and usually provides a set of connectors to get information from a variety of sources and protocols.

But imagine you want to create a robot, or a set of robots and communicate these robots to coordinate themselves, such the ones in a factory. Or an IoT application with small independent devices (sensors, gps, etc).

In these and other examples, you should use a middleware offering you low latency, high throughput, real-time features, determinism, low resource requirements, etc. You can think then in other options such as ZeroMQ, nanoMSG, DDS, Apache Thrift… and KIARA. These options have the performance as the main goal.

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