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you cannot have in your entity any property measured by sensors if you don't POST IoT data to an IoT Agent. You have only registered your service and your device ... i.e. you have finished the configuration phase and now you need to actually send data.

Please check http://fiwaretourguide.readthedocs.io/en/latest/connection-to-the-internet-of-things/how-to-read-measures-captured-from-iot-devices/ and the point entitled "Send Observations related to your IoT device".

That can be done manually as described by the guide above or you can use the CLI provided by the Tour Guide Application, see


Wrt to the error you get when do not provide the type parameter maybe there are other entities with the same id, that by mistake you created. As Orion Context Broker uses type and id as the entity key if you don't specify the type explicitly more than one entity will match, and as a result, you get that error

I hope this helps