Create historic graph using Orion Context Broker data in wirecloud or other dashboard

asked 2018-06-19 15:42:57 +0200

maria13 gravatar image

I am developing an application using Fiware GEs like Orion context broker, IoT Agent, Cygnus and mySQL and I would like to visualize the data that I receive from Orion and create a historic graph.

The application is fully integrated locally using docker-compose and the Orion receives measurements from my sensor.

I've tried to use wirecloud installed locally on my pc but I didn't manage to find the correct widgets to create the graph.

Can someone suggest the right way to make the configurations to display the graph in wirecloud or suggest another dashboard that I could use?

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I am trying to do basically the same task, but I had problems with the steps before. May I ask you references on how connect Orion Context Broker, Cygnus and mySQL all together? Thank you very much!

Raffa87 gravatar imageRaffa87 ( 2018-06-22 09:03:31 +0200 )edit

I followed this tutorial to make it work! I suggest you to try it!

maria13 gravatar imagemaria13 ( 2018-06-25 10:15:29 +0200 )edit