Support for external validation of sender's and receiver’s address from AS4 message in Domibus

asked 2021-01-14 14:40:40 +0200

bostjan gravatar image

We have a working eDelivery solution. To add support for ebMS 3.0 protocol (AS4), we want to integrate it with Domibus (our solution as corner 1 and 4). Message exchange between them would go via by Domibus supplied WS plugin. We would like to keep management and validation of sender/receiver addresses within our solution. Sender’s and recipient’s address are in four corner topology stored in AS4 message in MessageProperties as “originalSender” and “finalRecipient” properties. In Domibus, we could not find a provided way to check for the validation/existence of sender’s and receiver’s address in an external system before AS4 response with successful reception of the message is sent to senders MSH. Have we overlooked something?

NOTE: In our eDelivery solution is user addresses management distributed over internal and external systems, so centralized management of addresses in Domibus is not an option. Because of the upgradeability to future versions of Domibus, we are reluctant to change its code.

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