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What is the difference between FIWARE foundations and FIWARE Community?

asked 2021-05-28 06:28:26 +0200

Aki gravatar image

What is the difference between FIWARE foundations and FIWARE Community? I guess community is a part of foundation, but I couldn't find any source. Thank you for your response if you help me.

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answered 2021-06-02 09:38:59 +0200

aabella gravatar image

updated 2021-06-16 13:05:48 +0200

Fermín Galán gravatar image

FIWARE FOUNDATION The FIWARE Foundation is the legal independent body providing shared resources to help achieve the FIWARE mission by promoting, augmenting, protecting, and validating the FIWARE technologies as well as the activities of the FIWARE community, empowering its members including end-users, developers and rest of stakeholders in the entire ecosystem. The FIWARE Foundation is open: anybody can join contributing to transparent governance of FIWARE activities and rising through the ranks, based on merit.

FIWARE Foundation is a non-profit organization that drives the definition and encourages the adoption of open standards (implemented using Open Source technologies) that ease the development of smart solutions across domains such as Smart Cities, Smart Energy, Smart AgriFood and Smart Industry, based on FIWARE technology. Founded in 2016, the foundation has Atos, Engineering, NEC, Red Hat, Telefónica, and Trigyn Technologies among its Platinum members.

FIWARE COMMUNITY The FIWARE Community is an independent Open Community whose members are committed to materialize the FIWARE mission, that is: “to build an open sustainable ecosystem around public, royalty-free and implementation-driven software platform standards that will ease the development of new Smart Applications in multiple sectors”. The FIWARE Community is not only formed by contributors to the technology (the FIWARE platform) but also those who contribute to building the FIWARE ecosystem and making it sustainable over time. As such, individuals and organizations committing relevant resources in FIWARE Lab activities or activities of the FIWARE Accelerator, FIWARE Mundus, or FIWARE iHubs programs are also considered members of the FIWARE community.

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