can't display the POI from ContextBroker to MapViewer [closed]

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I'm trying to connect the OrionContextBroker and Wirecloud MapViewer widget in the local environment without the FIWARE Lab. I want to display the POI from ContextBroker to MapViewer, but nothing appears in the map.

The following Entity is entered in the OrionContextBroker:

curl localhost:1026/v1/contextEntities/City1 -s -S --header 'Accept: application/json' | python -mjson.tool { "contextElement": { "attributes": [

            "name": "Latitud", 
            "type": "float", 
            "value": "139.692101"
            "name": "Longitud", 
            "type": "float", 
            "value": "35.689634"
    "id": "City1", 
    "isPattern": "false", 
    "type": "City"
"statusCode": {
    "code": "200", 
    "reasonPhrase": "OK"


The configuration of the NGSISource operator is:

NGSI server URL : http://localhost:1026/

NGSI proxy URL : http://localhost:3000

Use the FIWARE credentials of the user : true

NGSI scope : /

NGSI entity types : City

Monitored NGSI Attributes : Latitud, Longitud

The configuration of the NGSI Entity To PoI operator is:

Coordinates attribute : Latitud, Longitud

NGSI source operator outputs the following error:

“Error creating subscription in the context broker server: Unexpected response from WireCloud's proxy”

And Browser Console outputs the followingerror:

http://localhost/cdp/http/localhost:1... Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 422 (Unknown Status Code)

I'm guessing that there is a cause to NGSIProxy. Do you know something cause? Please help me.

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I changed config at "Use the FIWARE credentials of the user" to false, and displayed PoI on the Map. Thanks.

koff gravatar imagekoff ( 2016-08-25 03:17:47 +0200 )edit