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Can PROTON CEP deal with such a case (or is it impossible?) where it's required to dynamically add/edit/delete rules made by hundreds of users while the CEP is running?

asked 2016-10-04 12:23:50 +0200

Sam gravatar image

updated 2016-10-04 12:24:27 +0200

We are currently investigating the IBM PROTON CEP for use in our system. But reading the documentation and trying it out we've come to the conclusion that the only way to program it is via one big JSON file.

In our case we have several hundreds of users editing their rules at the same time. Which means we have to make multiple edits to the JSON file per second and eventually end up with a really really big JSON file. How does PROTON deal with such a case or is it impossible to dynamically add/edit/delete rules made by hundreds of users while the CEP is running?

Is there any other way of programming the engine, does it support any database backing for the storage of rules that makes it possible to work with just a single rule instead of editing the whole file?

Thanks in advance.

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answered 2016-10-05 14:42:25 +0200

urishani gravatar image

PROTON doesn't allow for concurrent editing of the rules. The rules that belong to a single application reside in a single JSON file. From experience, even in large applications, this file is not so large. In any case, it is not intended for hundreds of users simultaneously entering their rules. Thru the authoring tool it is possible to quite easily get to the desired rule in the JSON file, but the editing is always on the JSON file that encompasses the entire event-driven application.

In addition, a json rules file can be reloaded to be re-edited multiple times with a Proton server, and saved in a user storage space.

Hope this helps.

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