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Is it possible to download an instance on my host?

asked 2016-10-25 17:42:04 +0200

jcarmaker gravatar image

I have a virtual machine and I want to download it so I can use it. Could I use it on Virtual Box?

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answered 2016-10-25 18:44:40 +0200

jicg gravatar image

updated 2016-10-27 17:07:20 +0200

Technically you can only download images, not instances (running Virtual machines). However, you can create a new Snapshot from the Cloud Portal, so you'll have an image made from your instance. Then, you can download your snapshot.

You could use Openstack APIs (As FIWARE uses Openstack): https://catalogue.fiware.org/enablers....

The difficult way, is just using the API (you can know the Image ID from the Cloud Portal), here is the explanation: http://developer.openstack.org/api-re...

However, you could easily install a glance client and use it. This can be done using packages (for example in Debian/Ubuntu):

apt-get install python-openstackclient

or a python virtualenv:

$ virtualenv glance
$ source bin/activate
(glance)$  pip install python-openstackclient

Once you have your glanceclient installed, you export your vars configuration variables:

export OS_USERNAME=<your_email_address>
export OS_PASSWORD=<your_password>
export OS_TENANT_NAME=<your-tenant-name>
export OS_REGION_NAME=<your_region_name>
export OS_AUTH_URL=http://cloud.lab.fiware.org:4730/v2.0

And download your image:

openstack image save <image_id_or_name> > mylocalimage

As an example:

openstack image save base_ubuntu_14.04 > base_ubuntu_14.04_local.qcow2

Finally, you can convert your newly downloaded image to VirtualBox disk format to use it in your new VirtualBox Virtual host:

qemu-img convert -O vdi base_ubuntu_14.04_local.qcow2 base_ubuntu_14.04_local.vdi
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