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how to build Private FIWARE Lab

asked 2018-04-06 08:24:40 +0200

daishinakamura gravatar image

I would like to build private FIWARE lab for limited users.

I found some informations that I build public FIWARE Lab in URL bellow FIWARE Lab Nodes Handbook https://forge.fiware.org/plugins/medi...LabNodes_Handbook

I understood how to build public lab but I don't understand difference between Public lab and Private Lab.

I would like to know following things

Q1. Components these Private FIWARE Lab should have, but Public FIWARE Labs don't have I read "FIWARE Lab Nodes Handbook", maybe. Private FIWARE Lab should have following components, Is that right?

(1) FIWARE Self Service Interfaces - Cloud Portal


(2) FIWARE Identity Management - KeyRock


(3) OpenStack Keystone

If I have to more components for private FIWARE lab, Please tell me.

Q2. Private FIWARE Lab authentication I read "FIWARE Lab Nodes Handbook", maybe, FIWARE Lab use Public FIWARE Network's OpenStack KeyStone and FIWARE Keyrock service for authentication. Is that right?

Q3. VM Image mirroring Public FIWARE lab has VM images thsese have FIWARE component(GE, GEris) is pre-installed. and Public FIWARE Lab is mirroing VM Images from Spain2 region. I would like to mirror images from Public FIWARE Lab, Is it possible?

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answered 2018-04-09 08:35:06 +0200

admin gravatar image


In FIWARE Ecosystem, we differentiate between FIWARE Private and Public nodes in the following way:

  • Public nodes are ones in which they have shared the resources with the community and the identity of the users is distributed.

  • Private nodes are ones that do not share neither resources or identities but they can request us to provide the corresponding images that we are using or any other technology like the Cloud portal.

Giving that, any instance (public or private) is based in OpenStack distribution, therefore the only thing that you need is install from the scratch the current version of OpenStack with both OpenStack Keystone and OpenStack Horizon.

The documentation in https://forge.fiware.org/plugins/medi...LabNodes_Handbook provide a good reference about all the installation process and help you in the decision to install the node.


If you do not plan to federate the identity it is not needed to use the FIWARE Keyrock, it is a security component used to provide authentication/authorization to the other FIWARE Services, not Cloud services. Therefore it it nos needed its installation.


Both if it is public or private node, we have a specific service to synchronize the images in the different nodes, in case of public the process is very easy due to the identity is federated. In case of private nodes, we need to know the IP address of your Keystone service and the credentials of a user in your instance in order that we can upload automatically the images in your node. Afterward, you should move those images from the corresponding user from private to public images in order that the rest of the users can use them. We can give you support on it.

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