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REST API URL to subscribe orion from Cepheus cep

An entity is created at orion and we want to subscribe it from cepheus cep. i am using /v1/subscribeContext url for subscription. Body of this POST method url is below { "entities": [ { "type": "Room", "isPattern": "false", "id": "Room1" } ], "attributes": [ "pressure","temperature" ], "reference": "http://localhost:8080", "duration": "P1M", "notifyConditions": [ { "type": "ONCHANGE", "condValues": [ "pressure","temperature" ] } ], "throttling": "PT5S" }

Now in reference tag i have to give URL where this subscribed value will be published. If i give simple 'localhost:8080' then it will not work. i have to give a specific URL. Can anyone please let me know what may the URL of CEP where orion will publish.