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Device provisioning


I have newbie question, it is related to device provisioning. We have an IoT device that sends a message with information including provisioning information. Let say that this device is used to make a connected Wastebin.

So I assume that the provisioning in this case includes both to map the protocol attributes (sent by device) to attributes in a Device Entity as well as to an Asset entity, in this case a Waste Container entity.

I mean for example hardware version, Device ID, serial number, device location would be related to the Device entity. But other attributes such as filling level, temperature, wastekind etc would be mapped to the Waste Container entity. So my question may be very trivial, but how is that mapping done when we have a "connected" Asset that then inludes at least two entities (Waste Container and Device). I would assume that the device message is received and the device ID is used to find the Device entity and the Device entity in turn has some reference to an Asset entity. And then protocol attributes could be mapped to both the Device and to the Asset entity referred to by the Device. But I do not know.