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KeyRock & Fiware lab questions

i'm currently experimenting the Oauth 2.0 API exposed by account.lab.fiware.org/ IDM.

I'm wondering if:

  • there is a validation API for a token issued by the IDM because i want to protect a Rest API layer based on Spring framework (i.e. a resource server) with a token issued by the IDM . I'm trying to use the standard keystone APIs, i.e. GET /v3/auth/tokens, to validate the token but without success. I have tried this URL account.lab.fiware.org/v3/auth/tokens but the http response is 404.

  • There is a working example of integration of a 3rd Party Login with keyroch (such as facebook, twitter, google login). Is it possible to integrate them as stated in the following wiki forge.fiware.org/plugins/mediawiki/wiki/fiware/index.php/FIWARE.OpenSpecification.Security.IdentityManagement#3rdPartyLogintoServices ?