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CCTV Software company, want to apply for IMPACT(SmartCities, Ph2). Which APIs to use?


We're an open source CCTV management platform with a business model in the smart-cities space.

We're interested in applying for http://www.impact-accelerator.com/smart-cities/ phase 2 call.

Until today, we've not used FIWARE at all.

From the list of APIs, there are several that could relatively easily be incorporated into our software and made use of.

I would dearly like to hear from someone familiar with these subjects as to:

  1. From the above, does it sound like we should spend time/resources applying for this?
  2. Given that using FIWARE is a requirement, which APIs would be of most value (I understand this probably needs a deeper conversation ... but with who? and where to start?)

Any guidelines would be appreciated, what I currently think I need is a 20 minute voice call with a FIWARE technical advisor, but maybe there's a more appropriate resource.