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Smart Cities Help Reuiqred

Dear Fiware Experts, I'm working on evaluating COTS applications versus oensource solution for Smart Cities. The focus in mainly on usecases related to Integrated Command and Control center focusing on

  1. Smart Traffic Management (Through VMS, Video Analytics, RLVD etc..,)
  2. Safety and Surveillance (With VMS and Video Analytics)
  3. Solid Waste Management (Integration with third party application and view the status of vehicles, garbage collection etc..,)
  4. Integration with Public Information System, Public Address system
  5. Integration with Public transport Passenger information system.

As mentioned above most of the scenarios are direct integration with third party applications. The proposed Integrated command and control center should provide the easy to develop framework and tools to 1. Integrate with Video Management system 2. Libraries and easy to use Video Analytics 3. Powerful user interface screens for city operators to view the situation 4. Context based information processing and correlation 5. System to report different events to ICC 6. Workflow to escalate events and define standard operating procedures 7. Easy to communicate across different stake holders.

I understand Fiware provides different Generic Enablers to start with. In the above context to have an integrated City command and control center I want to know what are the Generic enablers to consider ? We need to do a quick Proof of concept on opensource Fiware to demonstrate the capabilities. In this context please let me know What are the Generic enablers that we should have downloaded Is there any specific enabler/ accelerator that we can consider for this activity ? What is the minimum hardware required for a smart city development with above usecases considered ? Is there any skill set matrix that is available for doing custom development over each of these generic enablers ? Can we have these generic enablers downloaded locally and start using on local setup ? if yes what is the hard ware and software pre requisite ? Is there any cost related details available for reference (Specially hardware requirement, any other software, customization effort etc., ?)

I tried searching some details over fiware resources, but couldn't get much. Any help in this regard will be really useful to push opensource technologies.

Thank you in advance Nagaraj