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2019-11-14 09:47:33 +0200 asked a question Can I use fiware name in a FQDN for my compagny ?

Hello I work in Orange and i would like to build an on premice Fiware platform for my customers I would like to use the fiware.orange.com FQDN. My legal team ask me if it's allowed by the Fiware foundation?

What can I reply? Thank you for you feedback BR Yves

2019-10-21 09:09:13 +0200 commented answer Cygnus tutorial - not working

I understood that cygnus has an admin port (ADMIN_PORT set in the cygnus_instance_{id}.conf file) and a port per agent to receive notifications from Orion. Right ? If I set the admin port on 8081 and the agent port on 5050, when I launch cygnus as a service only the admin port is ok

2019-10-21 09:09:13 +0200 answered a question Cygnus tutorial - not working

Hi all I have the same issue this a cygnus ngsi used has service


listening port the Flume source will use for receiving incoming notifications

cygnus-ngsi.sources.http-source.port = 5050


Administration port. Must be unique per instance


tcp 0 0* LISTEN 1/systemd tcp 0 0* LISTEN 13622/sshd tcp 0 0* LISTEN 13771/master tcp6 0 0 :::111 :::* LISTEN 1/systemd tcp6 0 0 :::8081 :::* LISTEN 5035/java tcp6 0 0 :::22 :::* LISTEN 13622/sshd tcp6 0 0 ::1:25 :::* LISTEN 13771/master

No process listing on 5050 !

Any explanation ? Thank you for your feedback