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2020-05-20 11:46:31 +0200 asked a question Problem plotting values on Wirecloud

I have a Orion Context Broker running locally and succesfully connected to Wirecloud. I can show PoI on OpenLayerMap and show attribute values(e.g. temperature) on a "Generic panel".

I tried to plot temperature values on a Linear Graph or in Highcharts, but i ever get some errors. What i did: "NGSI Source" connected to a "NGSI Entity To PoI" and then to OpenLayerMap. From here, from PoI selected, if i add an operator "Value Filter" to filter temperature and then connect a "Generic Panel" it shows correct information, but if i connect it to a "linear graph", it gaves some errors. I tried also to connect "PoI Selected" to a "Gauge chart generator" and then to Highcharts, but i obtain "Widget has not registered a callback for this input"

What's wrong

Thanks for your support!

2020-05-20 11:46:31 +0200 asked a question Wirecloud cannot get asynchronous information from Orion Context Broker

I have a local installation of OCB and Wirecloud (same host). I can inject information from OCB to Wirecloud, but updating attributes, wirecloud doesn't get it till refreshing page. I installed NGSI-proxy on port 3000(which shows "Cannot GET /" on his page).

My configuration:

NGSI Server URL:


What i'm doing wrong? I need some packages to make it work? Thanks