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2020-06-02 09:48:59 +0200 answered a question Data model: addresses

Thank you for your question that it is a very relevant one.

Address is something which is extensively used across most of the data models (most of them are using it). In fact, we have in the common schema at the very root of the initiative a section "Location-Commons" in which we used the postal addressproperties coming from schema.org under the object address.

About the geographical location, this is also available for all the data models in the common schema in the same section, "Location-Commons", in the "location" property, which is a geojson point. As geojson point it allows being a GeoJSON Point, GeoJSON LineString, GeoJSON Polygon, GeoJSON MultiPoint, GeoJSON MultiLineString or GeoJSON MultiPolygon. Therefore you will see in most of the data models a preceding line to properties section like this one.

"$ref": "https://smart-data-models.github.io/data-models/common-schema.json#/definitions/Location-Commons"

In which all these properties (location and address) are included in the data model.

Are your needs covered with this approach or do you need anything else? Please let us know here or in our mail alberto . abella @fiware.org

2020-05-20 14:10:26 +0200 answered a question DeviceModel - Device

Although the data models](https://github.com/smart-data-models) are free to be used with any 'meaning', the original idea of device model (https://github.com/smart-data-models/...) is to keep static properties of a device while the device (https://github.com/smart-data-models/...) data model to keep those properties more dynamic (i.e. ip address,etc)

2020-05-20 13:08:04 +0200 answered a question Meta model templates for Information Model creation in NGSI LD format

1.- Model management tool. We do not have a proper UI, not needed for the moment but open to having one.

2.- Model versions. Through the parameter Schema version (to be included in all data models) and this documentation. https://github.com/smart-data-models/...

3.- There are two types of validation

3.1.- That the examples meet the schema: For doing that there are several tools here http://data-models.fiware.org/index.p... for manual checking we use https://www.jsonschemavalidator.net/ but some other tools are good as well.

3.2.- That the documents meet the guidelines (https://github.com/smart-data-models/...) and the contribution manual (http://data-models.fiware.org/index.p...) this is in the process to be automated again (it was but due to the change of structure we have not yet fixed the processes)

2020-05-20 12:59:35 +0200 answered a question Modelling a gateway device + attached end devices

I guess what you mean is to have several devices together in the same element. What you do, I hardly think it actually works But there is a workaround that it is likely to work for you. Notice that the 'device model' data model , the controlledProperty is an array, same as the supportedUnits and you can link to the string of measures in the 'device' data model.