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2021-10-25 09:26:36 +0200 asked a question Orion updating the context even on sending even on sending wrong context attributes

Hi, I have setup iotagent-json and orion and have registered group and device on iotagent-json. now if i am sending extra attribute in the data-payload (on iotagent port 7896) for updating device attributes value. Iotagent is showing below error: "name":"DEVICENOTFOUND","message":"No device was found with id:GmMobileApplication","code":404} though the entity context is updated in orion for all the correct attributes.

On further analysis i could see that orion is also sending message ""code":"404","reasonPhrase":"No context element found","details":"GmMobileApplication"" to iotagent, yet orion is updating its database.

I am not able to understand the reason for this kindly suggest.

IotAgent json version: 1.17.0 Orion: 3.1.0