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2016-02-17 08:26:41 +0100 answered a question create/update/subscribe pattern Use case Orion --> cygnus Fiware

Hello fermin thanks for the answer

well, i think different points are not clear for me .....

My SW context :

     - I run a docker orion (version 0.27.0-next) in debug mode 

     - i run a compiled  fiware-cygnus-0.11.0  locally( works well  when i send a notif to http://localhost:5050/notify, my  CKAN sink receive the notif) .. good

The first issue is about V1 or V2 , not clear for me ...

i have registrated a subscription with v2 prefix

curl localhost:1026/v2/subscriptions -s -S --header 'Content-Type: application/json' --header 'Accept: application/json' -X POST-d @- | python -mjson.tool) <<eof {="" "expires":="" "2016-02-18t01:00:00.00z",="" "notification":="" {="" "attributes":="" [="" "temperature",="" "humidity"="" ],="" "callback":="" "http:="" localhost:5050="" notify",="" "throttling":="" 1="" },="" "subject":="" {="" "condition":="" {="" "attributes":="" [="" "temperature="" "="" ],="" "expression":="" {="" "q":="" "temperature="">40" } }, "entities": [ { "id": "Bcn-Welt5", "type": "Room" } ] } } EOF

i see it in the subscription list ...... with curl localhost:1026/v2/subscriptions .......

so want to create/update entities . So i use v1 or v2 for entities ?

best regards phil

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2016-02-17 04:03:17 +0100 asked a question create/update/subscribe to entities on an Orion Fiware Instance

i would like to create/update some entities on a running instance of fiware ( ex orion.lab.fi-ware.org ?) and then subscribe to the modifis of these entities , notifyng my fiware-cygnus instance ...

is there any available instance on the web for this testing ?


best regards

2016-02-17 04:03:16 +0100 asked a question create/update/subscribe pattern Use case Orion --> cygnus Fiware

Hello, i would like to create and then update an entity regularly . And then subscribe to modifications , sending these modifs to my runnning fiware-cygnus handler ( via http notify)

is it possible to use a running orion instance ( ie http://orion.lab.fiware.org:1026) to experiment this Use Case

Thanks phil

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