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2015-07-31 06:03:12 +0200 answered a question is there any commercial node of the FIWARE Lab?

There are currently commercial initiatives to launch FIWARE based cloud services by two different companies, in Utretch and Hamburg. Additionally, there is one company starting to sell IoTcloud services using the FIWARE platform. Details will be provided when the go to market takes place, in the short term. Additionally, several FIWARE companies are offering commercial services based on the technology (cities and industry).

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2015-07-31 05:56:49 +0200 answered a question how many cities are currently using FIWARE?

There are different levels of involvement of cities with FIWARE.

  • First of all, there are two cities that have bet to use FIWARE technologies under a commercial contract, Valencia and Santander. That means that these technologies are being used in production.
  • During the last couple of years, more than 15 cities all over Europe have been experimenting with FIWARE technologies:
    • publishing open data (static with CKAN, dynamic with context / NGSI, or even connecting IoT devices).
    • and developing (themselfes or through third parties) pilots and prototypes using the data and various Generic Enablers. Some examples
    • a crowd detection system that analyzes video streams and generates NGSI context data about people moving around in the streets.
    • a smartphone as a sensor system that gathers data from advaced smartphones and aggregates it into a web application.
    • thousands of sensors from Smart Santander connected to the platform.
    • a dashboard for energy consumption data from a campus building
    • a open311 over ngsi wrapper and application -etc.
  • FIWARE is supporting Open and Agile Cities initiative, where NGSI and CKAN platforms are promoted http://connectedsmartcities.eu/open-a... . So far, almost 50 cities have joined OASC initiative and by the end of the year, around 100 cities will be involved.