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2017-01-24 08:52:38 +0200 answered a question How our company can be the member of FIWARE Accelerator Programme?

This works via public calls that get published on our page. Last time we accelerated a large number of project via several accelerators (https://www.fiware.org/accelerators/)

This resulted in an ecosystem of initiatives using FIWARE supported by us. See http://map.fiware.org/actors/smes

Going down to your concrete inquiry, there isn't a call open at present. There are plans to open new ones in the future but there is nothing official or definite yet. My advice is to keep an eye on our web page and also follow us on our social channels, particularly on twitter, where we normally announce new openings.

2016-12-23 08:11:29 +0200 answered a question Why does my account not upgrade?

Please contact the support channel referred from https://www.fiware.org/contact-us/and aldso from "Need help?" under https://lab.fiware.org

I refer to the list fiware-lab-help@lists.fiware.org - they should be able to help you

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2016-06-21 09:19:44 +0200 answered a question I would like help on the "smart home" application from Daniel López and Antonio Sanchez.

I assume that you refer to the information posted on https://www.fiware.org/tag/antonio-sa...

This sample application is owned by their authors and any queries could be addressed to them directly. If you go to the end of this article you will find the e-mail address that they supplied to contact them.

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2016-05-03 16:08:50 +0200 answered a question WSDL for Generic Enablers?

We do not offer WSDL by default, I am going to elaborate on what we can offer. For starters, the resources for each GEri are normally on the FIWARE Catalogue (catalogue.fiware.org)

The REST APIs are typically under readthedocs, github and APIary in human readable format. For instance, if we follow links for Orion contextBroker GEri, you can find loads of info for the API:

However, there is a .apib (API blueprint) file for each one of them, in this case :

For your convenience, may I point out that we have a quick list of resources per GE in release 4 here:

2016-04-21 16:55:43 +0200 answered a question Internet connection not working from within docker container

I guess that this question is then answered in the comments! Thanks for approaching us.

2016-04-21 16:48:42 +0200 answered a question Please, where I can find information about the deadlines to submit a project proposal under FI-WARE?

I believe that Malena has answered your question. Assuming that you refer to the Acceleration Programme, I am afraid that it closed last year and that the selected apps are working on their stuff.

2016-03-10 12:02:06 +0200 commented answer Release Date of FIWARE Architecture

my pleasure! :)

2016-03-10 11:42:05 +0200 answered a question Release Date of FIWARE Architecture

Hi Chiara,

All the public deliverables are published on https://forge.fiware.org/docman/?grou... under the folder "FIWARE Deliverables".

The ones you are after are snapshots of the contents under http://wiki.fiware.org/FIWARE_Archite... on a given date.

We have also released R4 and are starting to deliver R5, in fact we have internal drafts for part of the chapters.

In summary:

The dates are in the cover and in the chages log of each document. See if this is what you are after :)

2016-02-25 15:35:35 +0200 commented answer Success stories with FIWARE

Incidentally, my favourity one is this one: https://outbarriers.com/en/

2016-02-25 15:34:27 +0200 answered a question Success stories with FIWARE

Quick update. The FIWARE Programme has created a map of start-ups and entrepreneurs in the FIWARE acceleration Programme, using FIWARE technology:

2016-01-08 17:27:46 +0200 answered a question What does the word "FIWARE" mean please?

It is an analogy. You have software, hardware .... and FIWARE! :) The beginning "FI" stands for "Future Internet"

2015-09-15 11:36:06 +0200 commented question Best way to start Orion on the backgroun

Link to the question that was duplicated by this one: https://ask.fiware.org/question/86/best-way-to-send-orion-to-background/

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2015-09-01 05:58:31 +0200 commented answer is there any commercial node of the FIWARE Lab?

I've heard of more initiatives to create commercial instances (a least one in Germany) but let me just provide this pointer in Poland that I saw recently: http://www.cefims.eu/2015/08/poland-poznan-supercomputing-and-networking-center-to-launch-the-first-commercial-fiware-node-in-poland/

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2015-07-29 08:37:16 +0200 asked a question What's the meaning of the colours in the Catalogue entries?

When I go to the catalogue and I browse the enablers under http://catalogue.fi-ware.org/enablers they have different colours. What is the meaning of these colours?

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2015-07-28 04:48:43 +0200 answered a question Do you provide special accounts for university students?

For the time being we have Trial Accounts and Community Accounts. The details are expressed in the FIWARE Lab T&C: * http://wiki.fiware.org/FIWARELABTermsandConditions

Any FIWARE Lab user (student or not) obtains a Trial Account from the beginning and can apply for an upgrade to Community account. The application will result in a positive answer or not depending on the relevance of your proposal and the decisión of the managers of the nodes.

So the answer is that the account level "student account" does not exist, we just have "Trial " and "Community ". If you apply for a Community account we will assess your application on a one by one basis

2015-07-28 04:39:11 +0200 answered a question is there any commercial node of the FIWARE Lab?

FIWARE Lab is an environment for experimentation purposes. By definition, the nodes of FIWARE Lab are non comercial in nature.

Comercial instances will be created but they will be separate environments, they should not be FIWARE Lab nodes.

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2015-06-24 08:15:58 +0200 answered a question How can I get detailed information about a GE?

All the pointers are concentrated on the catalogue (catalogue.fiware.org/enablers) . Failing this, you can always contact the GE owner (the contact details are also on the catalogue)

2015-06-24 08:01:28 +0200 answered a question can I deploy a GE outside the FIWARE Lab?

Yes. The installation manuals and the software are linked from the catalogue (catalogue.fiware.org/enablers) so go there if you want to get them. If there are problems with any of these (finding the sw or installing it) please use the contact details for the GE owner on the catalogue or contact the tech help mailing list(mentioned on http://www.fiware.org/contact-us/).

2015-06-24 07:55:41 +0200 answered a question Can I apply to more than one accelerator?

I was looking at the answers received by people making queries to the acceleration support list (the one mentioned on http://www.fiware.org/contact-us/) and saw there that you can submit the same idea to a maximum of 3 Accelerators. However, you can submit different ideas to different accelerators with no restriction. Take into account that some accelerators (as FI-C3) only admit one submission per company.

Note that you cannot get funds from two accelerators for the same proposal. If this happens, you would need to inform of this and discuss with the accelerators what to do.

2015-06-24 07:33:42 +0200 answered a question Is FIWARE a European Project?

FIWARE is actually a platform, not a single project. At this precise moment the first project (that happened to be called "FI-WARE") is closed and a second one ("FI-Core") is ongoing and continuing with similar activities and new ones - sustainability and expansión are more important topics now. Individual projects are not so relevant and what matters for external stakeholders is the product that we call FIWARE.

Coming back to the initial questions, both "FI-WARE" and "FI-Core" are partially supported with European funds provided by the European Commission. This contribution was essential to make the initial effort feasible. Our ambition is to make it sustainable in the future and endow FIWARE with a life on its own without any additional support and also take it beyond Europe.

There are already FIWARE Lab nodes beyond Europe (Brazil, Mexico) and we intend to expand further. As regards the software, there is a key discussion ongoing that will result in the FIWARE Open Source Community and possibly an associated Foundation. As I say, this is under discussion so I cannot anticípate a lot. However, the goal is to create a critical mass and a community of developers/contributors that would enlarge and maintain FIWARE, following the governance rules that will be put in place shortly.

The community and the foundation intend to be global. As the details count, we already moved our old ".eu" domain to www.fiware.org (i.e., global).

Also, if you go to our products page (http://www.fiware.org/about-us/) you'll see that one of our brands is basically about expanding worldwide.

2015-06-24 05:39:15 +0200 answered a question I have found a bug on a GE ... What can I do?

Failing this (not all GEs offer this possiblity) you may want to resort to the formal channel (list fiware-tech-help on http://www.fiware.org/contact-us/) or a more informal one (contact the GE owner using the address on the calogue - catalogue.fiware.org/enablers)

2015-06-24 05:35:13 +0200 answered a question How can I get in touch with the FIWARE Team?

Apart from the events where the FIWARE experts interact with people (hackathons and talks), we have formal channels to reach the different teams.

First, there is page on the website with the contact channels:

Also, we are on StackOverFlow and the catalogue (catalogue.fiware.org/enablers) shows the contact of each one of the GE owners.

Apart from this, you have the social channels where our community managers should be able to provide answers or redirect you to the right channel. They are linked from our home page (www.fiware.org) - on the top right corner.

2015-06-23 06:03:32 +0200 answered a question I would like to teach my students on FIWARE technologies

FIWARE is a very wide topic and all the GEs have their own documentation. You need to know what FIWARE is about and also knowing FIWARE Lab is a good preparatory step.

My suggestion is: