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2018-04-24 18:50:42 +0200 asked a question REST API - Past values of an entity

What I have

Docker Containers:

Orion CB

What I do

I use the REST API (NGSIv2) so I:

  1. Create an entity (using POST)
  2. Update the values from this entity (using PUT)
  3. Get the value from the entity (using other app: GET)

My question

Is there any way (inherent to ORION) to have the full history of values of this entity? Something like a queue of messages, or so, being them the values of this entity.

If not, which mechanism should I use (inherent to ORION again) to be able to build it in my second app?

I guess I expect to have a subscription mode or whatever so I get a notification of a new value (public/subs model?) still using the REST API in my second app, not needing it to have hard-coded when a new value of the entity will be available at ORION, since this may be unknown even for me.

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2017-01-09 18:38:02 +0200 asked a question Ultralight Evolution

After reading UL2.0 documentation which was provided in the answer to this question, I was trying to find any kind of data about Ultralight 1.0, in order to summarize changes or evolution of the protocol, so I would be able to determine what needs have been driving this protocol's evolution.

However, I've found nothing (related topics links at the end or beggining of UL2.0 wiki post, nor search results inside the wiki).

Maybe is it because UL1.0 is previous to the API and then it's not inside the wiki? If then, I've been looking for it outside the wiki, but with same results. Anyone knows where can I find data about the evolution of UL protocol, or a reference to UL1.0 as I have for UL2.0?

Thanks in advance

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2017-01-06 11:22:02 +0200 asked a question Ultralight Protocol Documentation

I've been reading about Ultralight (2.0) protocol in some pages of the documentation like this one. I would like to read further about the protocol, something like an RFC about it, but I've found nothing about it.

Anyone can help me to find it, in case it exists?

If it doesn't, is there any place where I can find a more detailed explanation about how it works?

Thanks in advance