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2017-04-09 14:12:01 +0200 answered a question how can I use the context broker using Java, is there any API?

Hi, as Fermin already said there is not an official java framework for the NGSI API, nevertheless, speaking in high level terms all you need is an HTTP server and a JSON-string parser. There is plenty of documention for both of these subjects in Java on internet.

2017-04-09 14:12:01 +0200 asked a question NOT GETTING RESPONSE WHEN REQUESTING SUBSCRIPTION LIST

Hi, I'm using the 0.24.0 Context Broker version that is running on a CentOS67 virtual machine. I want to get the list of currently existing subscriptions using the following command:


The problem I have is that I'm not getting any reponse, no errors.. nothing. Something I consider is worth mentioning is that I'm sure that there are some existing subscriptions becuase I've been using them on some tests.

Any help will be appreciated.