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2017-04-09 14:12:01 +0200 asked a question How to control access to Orion using oauth 2.0?


I can access the entity named 'TestRoom' in Orion using request like 'http://localhost:1026/v2/entities/TestRoom' without any access restrictions. So, I just want to make constraint to access Test_Room using OAuth2.0 token.

But now I don't know how to make access token scope to entity in Orion. For example, I want to make the user or the app that has access token(scope:read temperature from TestRoom) can read temperature information from TestRoom.

If I know above thing, I will make the request access token(scope:read info. from Test_Room) and use that token with X-Auth-Token header.

So Could you get me any information, URL or document? I already read RFC 6749 and some documents of FIWARE Security GE, and installed orion, keyrock and authzforce. And I was not install the Willma(PEP) because Tour-Guide App provided FIWARE doesn't use this GE. (I don't know why, as you know, PEP is entry point of all FIWARE security right?)