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2019-07-05 18:01:54 +0200 answered a question Which is the most stable version of Fiware Knowage BI?

At the time being, the latest version is 6.4.2, you can find its packages here:


We will release 6.4.3 shortly.

Could you please share the problems you encountered? it would be great if you open a new question for each issue. Thanks and best regards

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2015-09-29 07:27:39 +0200 answered a question Is there a FIWARE implementation to the open source platform R?

Data Visualization GEri - SpagoBI has a specific engine (SpagoBIDataMiningEngine) for R: integration between SpagoBI and R permits mainly to analyze datasets using R scripts and display the output results. See details here:



Other useful links:

FIWARE catalogue entry (to be updated shortly because of FIWARE Release 4): http://catalogue.fiware.org/enablers/...

SpagoBI project web site: http://www.spagobi.org/

Hope this helps