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2017-12-06 08:27:26 +0200 answered a question Issue with notification.

Issue solved, simply the header related to the service path was missing to my subscription.

May be useful to add it also in the docs for who are not so confident with multi-tenancy...

2017-12-06 08:27:25 +0200 asked a question Issue with notification.

I setup a testing environment with mosquitto, IOTAgent and Orion as contextbroker.

I can receive value from an external device (testing the pubblication with mosquittopub from a remote host). I can see the input received from mosquitto, the "Sending PUBLISH to mqttjsc350cba4" to IOTA in mosquitto logs and the value updated in orion but nothings goes to the accumulator-server... The accumulator is running on physical host, not in container and i can see the "get" request if I call the url /accumulate from a browser.

Can anyone help me to identify the issue?

2017-12-06 08:27:24 +0200 answered a question Failed to execute accumulator server in Orion

To start the accumulator server (for testing purpose, as arigliano said) add something like "--key none --cert none" to your command line. Seems there is a bug in the script which requires this values to be defined even if https in not enabled.