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2018-05-15 14:29:16 +0200 answered a question Orion Virtual Box Image Link

The default (official) way is Docker or YUM, vbox is an option, but unavailable for now.

2018-04-10 15:32:59 +0200 answered a question Device groups

There are several ways how to organize groups, for example, you can organize groups based on the type of entity, or some attribute of entity.

You can also use multitenancy mode: http://fiware-orion.readthedocs.io/en... Simply add header ({'Fiware-Service': 'group1'}) to http methods, this header will serve as a devider.

And you can also read about http://fiware-orion.readthedocs.io/en...

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2017-12-12 12:51:38 +0200 answered a question How to verify subscription of Orion context broker easily?

Hi! Accumulator server was fixed (see changes in master branch: https://github.com/telefonicaid/fiwar...), so you can use it for verification.

2017-12-12 12:51:38 +0200 answered a question Failed to execute accumulator server in Orion

Hi! Accumulator server was fixed (see changes in master branch: https://github.com/telefonicaid/fiwar...).