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2018-05-14 12:02:10 +0200 answered a question Unable to run Cygnus with MySQL agent

Added my answer at https://stackoverflow.com/questions/5...

Finally I am able to run Cygnus with MySQL agent. I am using Ubuntu. (Linux ubuntucustomfiware 4.4.0-119-generic #143-Ubuntu SMP Mon Apr 2 16:08:24 UTC 2018 x8664 x8664 x86_64 GNU/Linux)

I followed below steps.

Used MySQL installed in main Ubuntu instance instead of Docker container. Modified /etc/mysql/mysql.conf.d/mysqld.cnf and changed


bind-address =


bind-address = *

Login into DB and grant all privileges to root user, so that it can connect from any host.

mysql -u root -p




Restart MySQL server

service mysql restart

Run Cygnus-ngsi

docker run -d --name cygnus -p 8081:8081 -p 5050:5050 -e CYGNUSMYSQLHOST=PublicIPOfMySQLServer -e CYGNUSMYSQLPORT=3306 -e CYGNUSMYSQLUSER=root -e CYGNUSMYSQLPASS=MyPassword -e CYGNUSLOGLEVEL='DEBUG' fiware/cygnus-ngsi

Modified Agent file and keep only mysql-sink. After below changes, stop/start cygnus docker container.

docker exec -it cygnus /bin/bash

vi /opt/apache-flume/conf/agent.conf

cygnus-ngsi.sinks = mysql-sink

cygnus-ngsi.channels = mysql-channel


docker stop cygnus

docker start cygnus

Now publish MQTT data to modify my entity and it inserted 4 rows (one row for each attribute) into MySQL DB

mosquitto_pub -h PublicIPOfMySQLServer -u UserName -P Password -t /swm-reader-service1/reader-device-id1/attrs -m '{"tn": "9888", "pn": "878787", "ri": "888888", "tdt":"Monday, May 10, 2018 03:16 AM"}'

Thanks for all your support.



2018-05-05 17:58:48 +0200 asked a question Unable to run Cygnus with MySQL agent

Hi All,

I am trying to setup and understand Cygnus. But I am facing issue during installation.

I followed below given steps.

  1. Install Cygnus using Docker (docker run -d -p 5050:5050 -p 8081:8081 fiware/cygnus-common)
  2. Executed version command (curl which gave following response {"success":"true","version":"1.8.0_SNAPSHOT.39b2aa4789c61fa92fe6edc905410f1ddeb33490"}
  3. Login into Cygnus container using command docker exec -it /bin/bash
  4. Created new file named “agent_mysql.conf” in “/opt/apache-flume/conf/” folder.

Configuration details given below

cygnus-ngsi.sources = http-source
cygnus-ngsi.sinks = mysql-sink
cygnus-ngsi.channels = mysql-channel

cygnus-ngsi.sources.http-source.channels = mysql-channel
cygnus-ngsi.sources.http-source.type = org.apache.flume.source.http.HTTPSource
cygnus-ngsi.sources.http-source.port = 5050
cygnus-ngsi.sources.http-source.handler = com.telefonica.iot.cygnus.handlers.NGSIRestHandler
cygnus-ngsi.sources.http-source.handler.notificationtarget = /notify
service = defserv
servicepath = defservpath
cygnus-ngsi.sources.http-source.handler.eventsttl = 2
cygnus-ngsi.sources.http-source.interceptors = ts gi
cygnus-ngsi.sources.http-source.interceptors.ts.type = timestamp
cygnus-ngsi.sources.http-source.interceptors.gi.type = com.telefonica.iot.cygnus.interceptors.NGSIGroupingInterceptor$Builder
rulesconffile = /Applications/apache-flume-1.4.0-bin/conf/grouping_rules.conf

cygnus-ngsi.channels.mysql-channel.type = memory

cygnus-ngsi.channels.mysql-channel.capacity = 1000

cygnus-ngsi.channels.mysql-channel.transactionCapacity = 100

cygnus-ngsi.sinks.mysql-sink.channel = mysql-channel
cygnus-ngsi.sinks.mysql-sink.type = com.telefonica.iot.cygnus.sinks.NGSIMySQLSink
cygnus-ngsi.sinks.mysql-sink.mysqlhost = localhost
port = 3306
cygnus-ngsi.sinks.mysql-sink.mysqlusername = root
password = <mypassword>
cygnus-ngsi.sinks.mysql-sink.attr_persistence = row

  1. Changed "cygnus-entrypoint.sh" file in / (root) folder and added following command by removing existing one.
    ${FLUMEHOME}/bin/cygnus-flume-ng agent --conf ${CYGNUSCONFPATH} -f ${CYGNUSCONFPATH}/agentmysql.conf -n cygnus-ngsi -p ${CYGNUSAPIPORT} -Dflume.root.logger=${CYGNUSLOGLEVEL},${CYGNUSLOGAPPENDER} -Dfile.encoding=UTF-8
  2. Exited Docker container and came back to Ubuntu.
  3. Stop and restart Docker container.
  4. And I am getting following errors in logs

Please check and let me know what am I doing wrong? Appreciate your help.


n$AgentConfiguration[1016] : Processing:mysql-sink time=2018-04-30T14:24:00.807Z | lvl=INFO | corr=N/A | trans=N/A | srv=N/A | subsrv=N/A | comp=cygnus-ngsi | op=validateConfiguration | msg=org.apache.flume.conf.FlumeConfiguration[140] : Post-validation flume configuration contains configuration for agents: [cygnus-ngsi] time=2018-04-30T14:24:00.808Z | lvl=INFO | corr=N/A | trans=N/A | srv=N/A | subsrv=N/A | comp=cygnus-ngsi | op=loadChannels | msg=org.apache.flume.node.AbstractConfigurationProvider[150] : Creating channels time=2018-04-30T14:24:00.816Z | lvl=INFO | corr=N/A | trans=N/A | srv=N/A | subsrv=N/A | comp=cygnus-ngsi | op=create | msg=org.apache.flume.channel.DefaultChannelFactory[40] : Creating instance of channel mysql-channel type memory time=2018-04-30T14:24:00.825Z | lvl=INFO | corr=N/A | trans=N/A | srv=N/A | subsrv=N/A | comp=cygnus-ngsi | op=loadChannels | msg=org.apache.flume.node.AbstractConfigurationProvider[205] : Created channel mysql-channel time=2018-04-30T14:24:00.832Z | lvl=INFO | corr=N/A | trans=N/A ...