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2018-09-18 21:39:18 +0100 asked a question Biz-ecosystem, IdM authentication


I'm having trouble when running local instances of the Business API Ecosystem with the IdM through the docker installations.

My trouble lies within the callback when authenticating new users in my IdM application. I've set it up so that both the application in the IdM and the config.js-file for the BAE have the callback url localhost:8004/auth/fiware/callback which works with the lab IdM, but not with my local installation.

Could there be a problem with the versions I'm running? I'm running 6.4.0 on the BAE and 7.0.2 on the IdM.

Thank you in advance for any responses. Carl

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2018-09-13 09:15:05 +0100 asked a question Store at lab.fiware.org is down

Hey, I'm noticing that https://store.lab.fiware.org/ doesn't respond. Instead I'm getting an error saying that the site took too long to respond.

Is the Business API Ecosytem GE down?

Thanks in advance for any replies.