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IoTAgent-LoRaWAN: Error decoding CaynneLPP message

asked 2020-06-24 13:13:20 +0200

wyre gravatar image

I've published this question in StackOverflow I've followed the official docs and apparently all docker containers are running with no errors, however, the fiware-IoT-agent (IoTAgent-LoRaWAN) is having issues to decode CayennLpp messages as you can see:

fiware-iot-agent | {"timestamp":"2020-06-23T11:45:53.689Z","level":"info","message":"New message in topic"} fiware-iot-agent | {"timestamp":"2020-06-23T11:45:53.690Z","level":"info","message":"IOTA provisioned devices:"} fiware-iot-agent | {"timestamp":"2020-06-23T11:45:53.691Z","level":"info","message":"Decoding CaynneLPP message:+XQ="} fiware-iot-agent | {"timestamp":"2020-06-23T11:45:53.691Z","level":"error","message":"Error decoding CaynneLPP message:Error: Invalid CayennLpp buffer size"} fiware-iot-agent | {"timestamp":"2020-06-23T11:45:53.691Z","level":"error","message":"Could not cast message to NGSI"}

This is how I'm provisioning the device

{ "devices": [ { "device_id": "{{node}}", "entity_name": "LORA-N-0", "entity_type": "LoraDevice", "timezone": "Europe/Madrid", "attributes": [ { "object_id": "potVal", "name": "Pot_Value", "type": "Number" } ], "internal_attributes": { "lorawan": { "application_server": { "host": "eu.thethings.network", "username": "{{TTN_app_id}}", "password": "{{TTN_app_pw}}", "provider": "TTN" }, "dev_eui": "{{TTN_dev_eui}}", "app_eui": "{{TTN_app_eui}}", "application_id": "{{TTN_app_id}}", "application_key": "{{TTN_app_skey}}" } } } ] }

Of course, as I've said in StackOverflow, those {{}} are environment variables in Postman to avoid get sensible information published, anyway ... I'm not sure about the field "password": "{{TTN_app_pw}}" that I've used. Also ... I think this site should have better formatting options to publish this questions (or maybe I don't know the formatting tags)

Thank you all.

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1 answer

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answered 2020-06-24 15:14:03 +0200

wyre gravatar image

Apparently the problem is the encoding from the Arduino sketch itself, It was a custom encoding and I must use the CayenneLPP library to encode the payload.

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Asked: 2020-06-24 13:13:20 +0200

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