Is STH-Comet service compatible with the NGSI-LD data format?

asked 2020-10-06 15:17:13 +0100

atzavaras gravatar image

I'm using Orion-LD and of course MongoDB in my work. Can I use STH-Comet to retrieve NGSI-LD data from MongoDB? And how can I do that?

Is it able to POST a subscription to Orion-LD so that STH-Comet will be notified of new values of a specific attribute?

What's more, I just discovered that there is a new service called Cygnus-LD, compatible with NGSI-LD data, but I see (in the documentation example) that it is used in order to persist the NGSI-LD notifications in the PostgreSQL. Is it possible to persist them in MongoDB instead?

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