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Are all Fiware Enablers 100% free of charge?

asked 2015-10-11 01:05:37 +0200

Sebastian gravatar image

Hi there,

I was looking over the Fiware enablers to find some useful ones for my startup's application for a Fiware accelerator.

I found Docker and I was wondering if it's 100% free to use it if we are accepted into the programme? Also, will it be 100% free after the programme? (http://catalogue.fiware.org/enablers/...)

I'm asking because I see Docker has a commercial website with a 30 days free trial and then it costs over $150 a month (https://www.docker.com/)

And what about KeyRock? http://catalogue.fiware.org/enablers/...

Thank you in advance

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answered 2016-01-27 03:49:43 +0200

Hi Sebastian,

Docker is an open source project, therefore you can be sure it is 100% free of charge "as is".

Docker.com will charge you with a fee only if you choose their platform, but it's up to you. It's something similar to what happens to Wordpress: You can use Wordpress free of charge if you download it, install it on your own server and configure everything. But if you want someone to do those tasks, Wordpress.com has a commercial offer.

You will see in a near future how some companies will begin to offer commercial FIWARE platforms, but they will charge you for services (like hosting, configuration, maintenance, support...), not for the code itself.

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answered 2015-10-21 10:56:13 +0200

jmcantera gravatar image

FIWARE is open source software (OSS). There are different GEs and each one may have a different OSS license (See http://opensource.org/licenses). You should check the license on an individual basis. For instance, Orion Context Broker is licensed as AfferoGPL.

FIWARE is totally independent of Docker, although all GEs are distributed as Docker containers as well, for convenience. You can instantiate GEs without Docker, please check the 'Creating instances' section at the FIWARE Catalogue (http://catalogue.fiware.org).

I hope this clarifies.

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