Problem when the entity value attribute contain special character

asked 2021-02-17 09:13:22 +0200

Amfgomez gravatar image

Hello I have tied to insert in OCB an entity with a password attribute codified:

{ "id": "prueba-tipo-string2", "type": "StringParser", "dateObserved": { "type": "DateTime", "value": "2020-08-13T08:56:56.00Z" }, "password": { "type": "text", "value": "U2FsdGVkX10bFP8Rj7xLAQDFwMBphXpK/+leH3mlpQ=" } }

  • OCB always response to me with the following error: "found a forbidden character in the value of an attribute"
  • In Postman { "error": "BadRequest", "description": "Invalid characters in attribute value" }
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If you URL-encode your value, the problem goes away- is that an OK solution for you?

kzangeli gravatar imagekzangeli ( 2021-02-24 10:40:03 +0200 )edit