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Do I need to be part of an accelerator project in order to use FIWARE?

asked 2015-06-23 03:58:48 +0200

jmcantera gravatar image

I'm a student and I want to develop my dissertation project using FIWARE technologies. Can I use FIWARE? I don't want to be part of an accelerator project, for the moment ... Can I use FIWARE and the FIWARE Lab?

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answered 2015-06-23 04:50:50 +0200

admin gravatar image

No, there are several levels of use of the FIWARE technology, depending the category of user that you are. These are the different options:

  • Basic account

This type of account allows a user to use the FIWARE Lab Account Portal, creating new organizations or managing the existing ones. He can register new applications in order to allow the login inside of them using the OAuth2 protocol. He can also manage roles and permissions in order to add authorization in his services. If other user that owns an organization with access to the Cloud environment authorizes a Basic user in that organization, the Basic user will be able to manage Cloud resources there.

  • Trial account

This type of account allows a user to perform in FIWARE Lab Account Portal the same actions than a Basic user. Every user owns a special organization (cloud organization) designed to be used in the cloud environment. For a Trial user and during a 14 days period, this organization is automatically “purchaser” of the Cloud application. When accessing the Cloud Portal the user will be able to create resources in this organization. Using the Account Portal he will be also able to authorize other users inside that organization. Thus, he shares the access to those Cloud resources. The use of the Cloud resources by Trial user cloud organizations is fixed to the Spain2 region and has a low level of quotas. When the trial period expires, the cloud organization owned by this user, will not be “purchaser” of Cloud application any more. Therefore neither this user, neither any other user previously authorized in the organization will be able to manage cloud resources inside. A user can use the Trial period only one time.

  • Community account

This type of account allows a user to perform the same actions than a Trial user. However in this case the period of validity of the account is 9 months. Furthermore, the region in which a Community user can deploy cloud resources is set by the administrators of FIWARE Lab and the quotas are higher than the Trial users ones.

Keep in mind that if you do not need to use the cloud for your project, you can use your Basic account in order to have a FIWARE identity and use the FIWARE GEs that we offer to the community. But if you plan to use the cloud resources you will have Trial account which only give you 14 days to use the FIWARE Lab resources.

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