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Device groups

asked 2018-03-20 19:21:15 +0200

lialiem gravatar image


I am just started to lookiinto FIWARE. It looks great.

I am just curious if it is possible to create Device Groups. If we have many devices that we want to perform some action on a group of devices. Is there any entity for a group of devices?

I can see some group entites in the data model, for example
StreetlightGroup. It represents a group of streetlights being part of the same circuit and controlled together by an automated system. But this group has restrictions that the streetlights belong to same circuit.


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answered 2018-04-10 15:32:59 +0200

ddmitrii gravatar image

There are several ways how to organize groups, for example, you can organize groups based on the type of entity, or some attribute of entity.

You can also use multitenancy mode: http://fiware-orion.readthedocs.io/en... Simply add header ({'Fiware-Service': 'group1'}) to http methods, this header will serve as a devider.

And you can also read about http://fiware-orion.readthedocs.io/en...

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