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2022-01-31 08:06:28 +0100 answered a question Integrating Grafana with ORION using MongoDB


If investigating NGSI-LD, you may consider this: https://github.com/easy-global-market...

2018-05-01 08:08:02 +0100 answered a question REST API - Past values of an entity


As far as I know, there is not such queuing capabilities in Orion. At least you vacan add persistence to Orion with Cygnus + a dB like MongoDB. See: http://fiware-cygnus.readthedocs.io/e...startguide/

Then, if you want to go further, you can look at 2 side components:

STH (Short Term History) comet: https://fiware-sth-comet.readthedocs....

Or alternatively, if the 'fire and forget' approach of Orion is the one bothering you, you may investigate rush : https://github.com/telefonicaid/fiwar... (never tried it)


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2016-10-07 08:25:24 +0100 answered a question Any plans to support OPC UA ?


This would indeed be interesting. To build the interface, you would need to develop an IoT Agent, interfacing between OPC UA and FIWARE NGSI.

For that purpose, I suggest to look at that page: https://github.com/telefonicaid/iotag... which provides a framework for developping custome IoT Agents.


2015-12-14 02:01:23 +0100 answered a question HPC into FIWARE


I do not think that FIWARE is tailored for HPC but this may depends on your exact need . Could you expand your request to help people around to better understand your needs ?

Thank you Franck

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2015-09-29 10:35:14 +0100 asked a question POI Data Provider installation issue

A user is using the POI Data Provider generic enabler and has followed the Installation and Administration Guide(http://forge.fiware.org/plugins/media...DataProvider-InstallationandAdministration_Guide).

Everything has gone well and he has had no failure during installation.

But, when he tries to test the service he gets a 500 Internal Server Error.

any help would appreciated.