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2017-09-18 09:10:10 +0100 asked a question Raspberry Pi and Figway to register device


I am a student currently working on a Fiware project. I am trying to collect noise data using my PI with Fiware and I found this tutorial: https://www.fiware.org/tag/raspberry-pi/.

Now I am at step 2 and I want to register my device but it doesn't seem to work. This is the response I get after I run " ./registerDevice 0001 4IN1 " :

root@raspberrypi://home/pi/Desktop/student/fiware-figway/c++# ./registerDevice 0001 4IN1

-> Config file: Debug Level <1>.

-> M2M Platform reply: **

** Can anybody help? I'm sure I am missing something I just don't know what.

Reti Simona