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Fiware for data collection from IOT devices

asked 2015-11-21 13:52:35 +0200

michael gravatar image

I posted this question on StackOverflow as well, http://stackoverflow.com/questions/33.... No answer there yet so I'm posting here as well.

I am to design an IOT platform which should collect sensor data from tens of thousands of sources or more. Process this data in different ways and present the user with interactive dashboards which allow the user to drill down through the aggregate information down to the specific device level. Also support the case where the user might ask for live information from that specific device.

I have ideas which tools I could use for data stream distributed processing but not much about how to interface with IOT devices. And that's why I started looking into FIWARE.

Reading through FIWARE site, different FIWARE architecture documents, GE specific documentation etc. and trying to answer my own design architecture questions. The abundance of available information is confusing to say the least. I think that my main difficulty at the moment is to map from the architecture as it is described here to the actual available implementation components.

Question: If I am to use FIWARE GEis as a device proxy which receives data from devices and forwards to the realtime processing pipeline, which GEis should I use? And which specific implementations?

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answered 2015-11-25 09:37:40 +0200

Hello sorry for the delay inresponding and thanks for your interest in FIWARE We need more information to answer your questions : which network protocols do your devices use? what kind of processing would you perform on your device data? do you require "hard" realtime (with strictly bounded latencies)?

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answered 2015-11-26 02:41:41 +0200

ralli gravatar image


You should use what we call "Common Simple scenario " described in the FIWARE IoT Architecture here:


This means you should be using: 1) Orion ContextBroker (as the northbund data inteface). http://catalogue.fiware.org/enablers/...

2) IDAS IoT Agents (These are connectors from well-known IoT comm protocols to the Orion ContextBroker). The exact IoT Agent depends on your devices/gateways implementations. We do support UL2.0/HTTP, MQTT and LWM2M/CoAP. Also there is a node.js library to build up your own IoT Agent in case you do not use any of the above mentioned standards.


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