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what is a FIWARE GE? and a GEi?

asked 2015-06-22 16:26:48 +0200

jmcantera gravatar image

I'm a bit confused about terminology. What is a Ge? and a GEi?

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answered 2015-06-23 04:45:26 +0200

Fermín Galán gravatar image

A GE (whics stands for "Generic Enabler") is a sofware component definition based on an open specification. For example, the Publish/Subscribe Context Broker (sometimes referred as Context Broker for short) is one of the FIWARE GEs.

A GEi (which stands for "GE implementation) is a a particular implementation of a given GE. For example, Orion Context Broker is a GEi of the Publish/Subscribe Context Broker GE. A given GE may have several GEi (some of them even developed by third-parties outside FIWARE, given that the specifications in which a GE is based are open).

There is a third key term: GEri (which stands for "GE reference implementation"). A GEri is a particular GEi of a given GE which is provided by FIWARE as a reference implementation of that GE. For example, it happens to be that Orion Context Broker is not only a GEi for Publish/Subscribe Context Broker GE, but also a GEri for that GE.

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answered 2015-06-23 04:40:53 +0200

admin gravatar image

FIWARE GE (Generic Enabler) is the specification of a component or enabler in the FIWARE architecture following the recommendations defined in the project. By contrast FIWARE GEi (Generic Enabler implementation) is one of the possible implementation of the specification of that Enabler. This implementation has to follow all the details defined in its definition (architecture, API definition, installation and user manual).

There is also other concept, FIWARE GEri (Generic Enabler reference implementation) that is used in FIWARE in order to name the reference implementation of a Generic Enabler. It is mean that is decided to take one like the reference implementation of it from a list or different implementation of a Generic Enabler. In some cases, there could be only a implementation of that Generic Enabler and so, the GEi will be the GEri.

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