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2022-01-27 09:13:15 +0200 answered a question Integrating Grafana with ORION using MongoDB

Best Practice FIWARE-Grafana bridge is described in this webinar (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gaa23...). You should avoid using the underlying Mongo-DB database and query entities via NGSI.

2021-02-01 09:36:33 +0200 answered a question Fiware site is down?

Dear Rafael, there was no problem with the portal. Nevertheless, the information that you mention could be related to some type of malware in your local machine, I suggest to delete the cache of your browser and scan your computer for malware.

2020-12-14 09:24:16 +0200 answered a question Data Modeling with NGSI-LD: Relationship re-utilization

Your eMail poses some interesting questions which I will attempt to answer. Properties and Relationships are defined within the ETSI specification:


and trying to reduce this 200 page document to a series of bite size tutorials is quite a task. The short answer is yes, one-to-many relationships are fully supported by NGSI-LD, although the official syntax is more verbose than I personally would like.

The 1.3.1 spec supports arrays of relationships as shown:

curl -L -X POST 'http://localhost:1026/ngsi-ld/v1/entities/urn:ngsi-ld:Building:store001/attrs' \ -H 'Content-Type: application/ld+json' \ --data-raw '{ "furniture": [ { "type": "Relationship", "datasetId": "urn:ngsi-ld:Relationship:1", "object": "urn:ngsi-ld:Shelf:001" } ,

{ "type": "Relationship", "datasetId": "urn:ngsi-ld:Relationship:2", "object": "urn:ngsi-ld:Shelf:002" } ], "@context": "https://fiware.github.io/tutorials.Step-by-Step/data-models-context.jsonld" }'

Each element beyond the first must have a unique datasetId. This syntax is also used for Multi valued Properties or GeoProperties (For example where location is being provided by two different sensors e.g. GPS urn:ngsi-ld:GPS or Wifi triangulation. urn:ngsi-ld:WiFi)

The example above comes from the older NGSI-LD for NGSI-v2 Supermarket tutorial https://github.com/FIWARE/tutorials.R... I haven't added an equivalent in the newer Smart Farm NGSI-LD first Smart Farm system yet.

The Orion-LD context broker still supports an unofficial simplified syntax:

curl -L -X POST 'http://localhost:1026/ngsi-ld/v1/entities/urn:ngsi-ld:Building:store001/attrs' \ -H 'Content-Type: application/ld+json' \ --data-raw '{ "furniture":

{ "type": "Relationship", "object": [ "urn:ngsi-ld:Shelf:001", "urn:ngsi-ld:Shelf:002"] } , "@context": "https://fiware.github.io/tutorials.Step-by-Step/data-models-context.jsonld" }'

This mimics the key-values format and also allows one-to-many relationships, but does not allow for meta-data on each element.

As you correctly stated, relationships are directional, and this furniture one-to-many is the direct opposite of reusing something like locatedIn which would appear on multiple entities

curl -X POST \ http://localhost:1026/ngsi-ld/v1/enti... \ -H 'Content-Type: application/ld+json' \ -H 'fiware-servicepath: /' \ -d '{ "locatedIn" :

{ "type": "Relationship", "object": "urn:ngsi-ld:Building:store001", } , "@context": "https://fiware.github.io/tutorials.Step-by-Step/data-models-context.jsonld" }'

Within NGSI-LD the object attribute of a Relationship is specified to be a URN - it can point to any other object, so there is no problem with your Combined urn-ngsi-ld:Computer:001 and urn-ngsi-ld:Mower:002 example.

2020-12-04 10:46:50 +0200 answered a question Waht is the emailid to get Memebrshi help and Techhelp required for FIWARE?

For technical help you can send an email to fiware-tech-help@lists.fiware.org

2020-08-17 08:46:14 +0200 answered a question Changelog for Orion

You can take a look to this file:


2020-06-15 09:12:38 +0200 answered a question Access control & Orion context broker

Did you take a look to the Step by Step tutorials of FIWARE? There is a specific section about Identity Management that can explain what do you need.


2020-03-11 10:33:09 +0200 answered a question How is FIWARE different from PAS182?

PAS182 is a defined standard for data modeling within Smart Cities - it describes the relationships between various concepts so that data from local authority X should hold to the same data model definitions as data from local authority Y.

As the BSI web page states:

"The smart city concept model (SCCM) provides a framework that can normalize and classify information from many sources so that data sets can be discovered and combined to gain a better picture of the needs and behaviours of a city’s citizens (residents and businesses)."

FIWARE is concerned with the interoperability of the transfer of context data. Specifically the current state of a system (i.e. the now) is held within a context broker and all elements surround a context broker must interact with it using a defined standard NGSI.

Therefore there is no conflict between the two - you can base your data models on the terminology defined in PAS182 and create your own entities by communicating with a context broker using NGSI.

2020-03-11 10:21:51 +0200 answered a question I'am unable to access Mashup in Fiware Lab.

Both Mashup and Store are using a different IAM that the one that is used in the FIWARE Lab. If you want to access to them, you need to create the identity in the https://account.lab.fiware.org/

Nevertheless, the last version of the FIWARE Lab dismissed those options from the menu due to the problem that you mentioned. These services are not related to the FIWARE Lab and we decided to dismiss them from the FIWARE Lab menu.

2019-12-07 08:58:06 +0200 edited answer fiware-service in Orion 2.2.0

I solved my issue: I must use multiservice option in the command line when I start orion as described in the doc (https://fiware-orion.readthedocs.io/e...): $ contextBroker -multiservice

2019-07-03 10:07:53 +0200 answered a question Query regarding technical support
  1. All the FIWARE components are free for use.
  2. You can access to the FIWARE Community through StackOverFlow, sending an email to the fiware-tech-help@lists.fiware.org or writing the question in this tool. We create a corresponding ticket to resolve the issue on all of them. From a commercial point of view, like I mention before, be do not provide consultancy services, nevertheless there are some companies in the FIWARE Marketplace that can offer that service for you. Take a look to the following link to get more details: https://marketplace.fiware.org/pages/...
  3. If you are using the FIWARE Lab resources to create your solution, keep in mind that taking into account the Terms & Conditions (http://forge.fiware.org/plugins/media...LABTermsandConditions) of the service, it is only allow if you are not receiving any client payment for using your solution. If it is the case you have to move to the corresponding Cloud commercial solutions.
2019-02-13 17:01:40 +0200 answered a question Accelerator

Hi Alex,

Thank you for your question. I'm afraid that at the moment we have no open calls related to the FIWARE Accelerator Program. Nonetheless, if you would like to be more integrated into the FIWARE Ecosystem, might I suggest signing up to the FIWARE Newsletter? This is a great way to stay up-to-date with the latest FIWARE news, events, and funding opportunities. You can apply here: https://www.fiware.org/lets-keep-in-t...

Secondly, I would encourage to you attend our upcoming FIWARE Global Summit in Genoa, Italy, on May 21-22. Not only is it a fantastic opportunity to network with high-profile innovators, thought leaders, and decision-makers, it will also allow you to take your knowledge of FIWARE to the next level through useful how-tos and tech pills. For more info about the Summit, visit: https://www.fiware.org/summit/

Best, The FIWARE Team

2019-01-15 09:19:10 +0200 answered a question Fiware deployment in kubernetes

Dear user,

You can use the component in Kubernetes using the docker images. Nevertheless probably you need to use specific images of IDAS and Cygnus (https://hub.docker.com/r/jicarretero/...). Regarding IDAS, there is several IoT Agents, which one do you want to use?

2019-01-14 09:26:40 +0200 answered a question Benefits from Fiware membership

Dear Sabana,

Apologies for the late response. For more information about each category of FIWARE Foundation membership, I would like to refer you to https://www.fiware.org/join/

In addition, for more information about the benefits of joining the FIWARE Foundation, please check out the following page, under the “Membership Benefits” section: https://www.fiware.org/foundation/

2018-11-12 09:08:53 +0200 commented question Get token for object storage

I was checking the url and payload with my data and I did not see any problem. Could you check if you put the correct data? I mean the tenant that you put is associated to the user that you want to user.

2018-06-19 17:34:08 +0200 answered a question Cost to use FiWare in my own University to implement an Application with this Technology

The use of the FIWARE Technology is open and you can deploy it using the installation guides for each of the components or using docker technology to invoke the latest images. Giving that, once that you deploy the instances you have the control of them in your local environment.

If you plan to install your own cloud, it depends of the resources that you want to put there and the network connectivity that you can offer to your users.

2018-05-18 08:43:15 +0200 answered a question Error installing fiware-pep-proxy

One question, have you installes the node build tools? To compile and install native addons from npm you may also need to install build tools. I assume that you are in ubuntu.

2018-04-20 09:04:58 +0200 answered a question Private FIWARE Lab with using VMware vSphere or ESXi

Q1. Is it possible that FIWARE Lab building without OpenStack

Yes, it is possible to build a FIWARE Lab without OpenStack but it is not possible that this node could be federated due to the Identity is shared through the OpenStack Keystone. Nevertheless, there is some mechanism in order to install OpenStack over VMWare for example

I would like to build FIWARE Lab with using VMware vSphere, is it possible?

Yes, it is possible to build a FIWARE Lab node using OpenStac over VMWare vSphere, you can find details in the following link https://docs.vmware.com/en/VMware-Int...

It is something that it is possible but we never test it.

Q2. Is it possible that controller is running on VMware vSphere

Sure, take a look to the previous document.

2018-04-19 08:29:46 +0200 edited answer how to use mirrored orion or some fiware component images from public FIWARE Lab on private FIWARE Lab.

Yes, you can use the public images in FIWARE Lab for your private use.

Q1: You can get a FIWARE Lab account (a trial account is enough) so you can download images (openstack image save) and you can upload them to your private installation of Openstack. However, you should carefully read the licences of every Generic Enabler implementation to be sure you don't break the licences with your usage.

Q2: Regarding Orion, there is a public instance of Orion in FIWARE Lab requiring authentication against FIWARE Lab's Keyrock. If you want to install something like the public instance of Orion, you might need to install also a PEP Proxy in order to authenticate to your own Keyrock with your own users.

If you need help with any of those steps, you can send an email to fiware-lab-help@lists.fi-ware.org

2018-04-09 08:35:06 +0200 answered a question how to build Private FIWARE Lab


In FIWARE Ecosystem, we differentiate between FIWARE Private and Public nodes in the following way:

  • Public nodes are ones in which they have shared the resources with the community and the identity of the users is distributed.

  • Private nodes are ones that do not share neither resources or identities but they can request us to provide the corresponding images that we are using or any other technology like the Cloud portal.

Giving that, any instance (public or private) is based in OpenStack distribution, therefore the only thing that you need is install from the scratch the current version of OpenStack with both OpenStack Keystone and OpenStack Horizon.

The documentation in https://forge.fiware.org/plugins/medi...LabNodes_Handbook provide a good reference about all the installation process and help you in the decision to install the node.


If you do not plan to federate the identity it is not needed to use the FIWARE Keyrock, it is a security component used to provide authentication/authorization to the other FIWARE Services, not Cloud services. Therefore it it nos needed its installation.


Both if it is public or private node, we have a specific service to synchronize the images in the different nodes, in case of public the process is very easy due to the identity is federated. In case of private nodes, we need to know the IP address of your Keystone service and the credentials of a user in your instance in order that we can upload automatically the images in your node. Afterward, you should move those images from the corresponding user from private to public images in order that the rest of the users can use them. We can give you support on it.

2018-01-26 11:35:45 +0200 answered a question video Analytics

There is a WebRTC component inside the FIWARE ecosystem to deal with Video and Image management. You can take a look to the following link http://kurento.readthedocs.io/en/late...

2018-01-26 10:42:08 +0200 answered a question How Fiware will work for our Application

This is a very complex question. I recommend to follow this presentation https://www.slideshare.net/flopezagui... to understand what wind of things you can do in the FIWARE Lab.

To get details about the use of FIWARE technology, I recommend to take a look to the FIWARE TourGuide https://www.fiware.org/devguides/fiwa...

In terms of host you application, is just deploy a virtual machine in the FIWARE Lab, and install the software that you want to use there.

Hope that this give you more details about the use of FIWARE and how to work with FIWARE Lab environment.

2017-11-08 14:10:21 +0200 answered a question How to register or get Fiware Cloud

Dear user, there was a bug in the portal and now you can access to the corresponding button to create a new user. Once that you have the Trial user you can upgrade to community account.

2017-10-24 16:09:17 +0200 answered a question why not connect to the orion server that I have in the cloud?

If you deploy the instance of Orion in the FIWARE Lab you have to keep in mind that by default all the ports are closed by security reasons. Please, be sure that in your security group you have open the port corresponding to the Orion Context Broker port.

2017-10-19 09:16:46 +0200 answered a question Fiware Lab : How to use the whole disk space at instance Context Broker

There is a problem with that image, there is a way described here https://stackoverflow.com/questions/2... to resolve partially the problem.

2017-10-19 08:31:34 +0200 answered a question How can i connect my arduino to fiware?

If you are talking about a server deployed in the FIWARE Lab, keep in mind that all the ports are closed by default. Take care to open the corresponding port in the security group rule associated to your server.

2017-10-17 09:19:08 +0200 commented answer How can I connect my arduino with the cloud instance?

I do not know where is the server deployed, nevertheless if you are using the FIWARE Lab to deploy a server on it and you want to communicate with it take care about the Security Group and open the corresponding port on it. By default all the ports are closed.

2017-10-11 08:53:09 +0200 answered a question How can I connect my arduino with the cloud instance?

Can you give more details about to where you want to connect your application in Arduino?

2017-09-20 09:40:53 +0200 answered a question connect an Android APP with Orion Context Broker without install IDAS

Sure. IDAS (IoT Agents) are a set of gateways that you can use to help you to translate the sensor protocol that you are using to the NGSI protocol that we are using in the FIWARE ecosystem. You can use your own component or just implement the corresponding REST calls to Orion in your own Android APP.

2017-09-20 09:33:39 +0200 commented answer Where can I find the fiware api key?

I mean, the API key is required to use a FIWARE Generic Enabler. My question is regarding which one in order to give more details about it.

2017-09-19 12:35:24 +0200 answered a question Where can I request authorization to use more virtual machines?

Usually, you have to send a request to the fiware-lab-help@lists.fiware.org in order to report any issue regarding the FIWARE Lab.

In your case, you have to give details about your user account and why you are requesting more resources. Additionally , you have to provide us the correct name of the region in which you are working and from which you want to get more resources.

Eventually, we analyse your request and in short time we give an answer to your requirements.

2017-09-19 12:30:41 +0200 answered a question How can I connect my virtual machine to the .ssh using puty and putygen

I recommend to take a look to this presentation, https://www.slideshare.net/flopezagui.... Mainly slides 22-24

2017-09-19 11:34:54 +0200 answered a question Where can I find the fiware api key?

I would need to know in which FIWARE component you are requesting this information. I mean, I should need to know the component that you are using and where it requires this FIWARE API Key.

2017-08-30 08:08:44 +0200 answered a question How can I solve this message sent to me by the fiware cloud?

It is a typical example about the project in which you are working on. It is not authorised to use the cloud. In this case, it is due to an error in the authentication process that we had resolved during last week. Nevertheless is you have a new problem with the cloud, I recommend that you send an email to fiware-lab-help@lists.fiware.org which is our ticketing system to resolve those kind of problems.

2017-08-28 14:53:13 +0200 answered a question AMD EPYC FIWARE LAB

I think that it is a low level question that need to be resolved at the level of the Operating System. You have to keep in mind that FIWARE Lab is running OpenStack and it usually is running over the proper Operating System. Our recommendation is going with ubuntu so you have to be sure that the current LTS version of Ubuntu (16.04) can work without problem with this architecture.

More recent version of Ubuntu (or other OS), does not allow to to assume that it would be adopted in short time with the corresponding OpenStack version. Take care about it.

2017-08-28 14:44:53 +0200 answered a question How to Migrate our PHP Website on Fiware

Are you using a virtual machine in the FIWARE Lab cloud, if it is the case my suggestion is just install what do you need on the virtual machine and make a simple scp to the proper directory in that virtual machine.

2017-08-28 14:42:06 +0200 answered a question I have Website in PHP but i want to integrate on fiware

When you are talking about use your existing Core PHP code in FIWARE, you want to say that you want to deploy it on a Virtual Machine inside of the FIWARE Lab cloud. If it is the case, you have to create your own Trial account in FIWARE Lab (https://account.lab.fiware.org) and go to the cloud in order to deploy your Virtual Machine.

If the question is focused on different things, please let us know in order to give you more details.

2017-08-28 14:38:40 +0200 answered a question FIWARE Installation Tutorial

I think that if you are talking about use Compute server in VMWare, there is an option which is described in the following document https://docs.openstack.org/ocata/conf.... If you plan to install all the OpenStack servers in a VMWare Cloud, well in that case, I suppose that could be possible but not recomendable. Take into account that you are deploying a virtual environment over another virtual environment which could delay all the operations. I made by myself the installation locally of an OpenStack over a VirtualBox instance therefore I know what that is mean in terms of performance.

2017-06-15 08:38:28 +0200 commented answer Lost my password

It was a problem in the LDAP, the issue has been resolved.

2017-02-14 18:14:00 +0200 answered a question How can FIWARE be harnessed by Government?

Actually, FIWARE at all is an open source ecosystem and it has to be driven by the FIWARE Community Interest at large. The decisions should be guided by the principles of openness, meritocracy and transparency and as such they should not be subject to individual companies. This is is the best guarantee of stability and openness and of course for any public administration and government facing the decision to which software should be adopted for Smart Cities.

2017-02-09 10:05:53 +0200 commented answer Which location is fiware cloud hosted?

You can take a look on this web site http://infographic.lab.fiware.org/

2017-02-03 11:37:06 +0200 answered a question How long would it take for a not-for-profit organization to become the associated member?

Dear Rose Lai,

Sorry for the delay, this week we have sent you the document to be signed, let me know if you do not receive it.


2017-02-03 08:28:51 +0200 answered a question Which location is fiware cloud hosted?

Currently, FIWARE Lab (FIWARE Cloud) is a distributed OpenStack environment around the world. The activated nodes that we can offer to the users are in: Budapest (Hungary), Hannover (Germany), Piraeus, Volos, Crete (Greece), Poznan, Wroclaw (Polnad), Madrid, Sevilla, Málaga, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Tenerife (Spain), Genoa, Vicenza, Trento (Italy), SophiaAntipolis, Lannion, Brittany (France), Sao Paulo (Brasil), Zurich x 2 (Switzerland), Guadalajara (Mexico), Prague (Czech Republic).

2017-02-01 21:13:40 +0200 received badge  Supporter (source)
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2017-01-24 08:44:52 +0200 commented answer Where is placed the so-called FW "cloud"?

When you say "my own server to place of FW Cloud", you mean that you can use your own instace of OpenStack or simply your own physical servers. Or course, you can. It is just an infrastructure free that FIWARE offer to you.

2017-01-23 08:55:32 +0200 answered a question What is it particularly the FIWARE Cloud?

No no, FIWARE Cloud is an experimental environment that FIWARE offer to you free in order to develop your components. Like any other Cloud, we offer virtual machines with different flavours in which you can install your components and work with them independently of the own resources that you have.

FIWARE Cloud or FIWARE Lab, how is also known, is distributed around the world, which gives you the possiblity to select the node that you want. The only requirement that we say is that due to it is open source environment, the components that you put there should be free or open source. If you plan to obtain in sort time some revenues from your developments you have to move to a FIWARE commercial node or any other cloud environment to keep the activity up and running.

2017-01-23 08:45:40 +0200 answered a question Where is placed the so-called FW "cloud"?

FIWARE Cloud is an OpenStack based distributed environment that it is distributed around the world. You can take a look in the following page to see the number of available nodes that you can select status.lab.fiware.org.

2017-01-19 12:19:28 +0200 answered a question Documentation tool?

Those images was created using Powerpoint. We have a particular tools to make some diagrams like this https://github.com/telefonicaid/fiwar... based on yEd + FMC plugins.

Other option, that could be interesting, is the use of gravizio (http://www.gravizo.com/) just for your information.

2015-09-17 10:13:06 +0200 edited answer Please give us instruction how to restore expired fiware lab account so that the user connects to a company community account again?

Just to complete the comment, a Basic User can access to the FIWARE Lab Cloud if he/she is part of an organization which is created by a Community or Trial user. In that case the resources created under that organization will not be deleted. In the following document Upgrade to Community Accout - How can authorize other users to use my cloud resources you can find the detailed description that was commented in the previous comment.